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Avant Garde Foundry is an Unprecedented, Forward-Thinking, Full-Service Staffing Solutions Agency Embracing Cutting-Edge Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Machine Learning to bring in a New Age of Staffing Solutions


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Avant Garde (AG) Foundry was conceived in light of its namesake and the need to progressively pioneer change in an industry otherwise behind the technological curve. The process of change in the traditional staffing world is grueling and agencies typically only evolve their antiquated business models when forced to react.


At AG Foundry we have re-engineered the Staffing Agency Business Model to become an unprecedented, forward thinking, full service agency by embracing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Data Analytics, Award-Winning Client Relations, Enhanced Risk Mitigation, Streamlined Recruiting Procedures and Groundbreaking Increased Bottom-Line Success.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    AI is definitely a favorite buzz word in today's tech headlines.

    At AG Foundry, our forward-thinking recruiters are using AI and machine learning to reverse-engineer candidate “fit,” and predict a potential candidate’s performance in the role.

    AI and machine learning technology are helping determine how and when technical sourcers and recruiters need help with their workloads by looking at who has a disproportionate share of medium-to high-risk requisitions that might take extra time or resources to fill.

  • Automation

    Yes? What about it?

    At AG Foundry, we leverage new and innovative technologies to automate time-consuming tasks in recruitment to free up resources, lower the costs associated with recruitment and produce better quality hires, faster.

    Centralized Job Distribution helps  recruiters automate the process of sending their job ads out to multiple sites at once and tracking their performance at both the job and source level. Also, Programmatic Job Advertising allows recruiters to create logic-based automation rules to manage budgets for PPC and PPA media, as well as job slots. Recruiters can set rules to start and stop spending on specific jobs or job groups, they can set parameters for reallocating funds from over-performing jobs to challenged jobs and they can ensure job slots are always filled with priority roles, among other things. This type of automation doesn’t just save time, it also saves money–allowing recruiters to spend every budget dollar in the most effective way possible–lower recruiting costs and increasing ROI.

  • Advanced Data Analytics

    Data analytics is indeed a revolution in the field of Information Technology.

    At AG Foundry we tailor our process and strategy around each unique client and candidate by leveraging data analytics to create custom solutions as well as find top, diverse talent.

    The use of data analytics across all industries is significantly increasing every day as a result of surging changes in connected devices and vast new sources of data (think Internet of Things). The primary focus of companies using this data is to deliver individualized, perfectly targeted solutions to the customer/consumer in addition to removing disruptive human-imposed constructs.

Want to see the AG difference first hand? Ask us how our use of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics & Automation ranks us among the top 1% of Staffing Agencies.
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